Scullys Monday Night Session

Scullys Bar has always been a place where traditional music is welcomed/tolerated. It was the venue where any local musician agreed to meet when they wanted to play music. After a great nights music in 1974 Jackie Daly suggested that a regular weekly night should be started meet up and share tunes. Moday night was selected because the bar was sure to be quiet. Over the years the session grew to become one of the pillars of Sliabh Luachra music.

Jackie Daly in Scullys in 1974

Scullys Fest and the music school

In 2004 a weekend celebration was held to mark the 30th anniversary of the session. That weekend became an annula event held on the weekend following the August Bank Holiday weekend. It's become known as "Scullys Fest". In 2013 our school's founder Eoin Stan O'Sullivan became the festival curator. With the help of a great comitee the festival is continuing to grow and is an outlet for the music school's students and an inspiration for both young and old to become involved with their local culture.