Fleadh by the Feale Setlist

May 4th 2019

Gig rig in the square 8:30

We'll be playing for 30 minutes so all these tunes may not be needed. The list below isn't in order. If there's one or two that you don't know just tip along quietly. This is going to be a great gig :)

  • Ten Penny Bit / Bill Sullivans [jig]
  • Toureendarby Slide 2 / Con Curtin's / Chase me Timothy [slides]
  • Glen Cottage Polkas
  • Johnny When I Die / The Hare's Paw [reels]
  • Grand Old Man / Gypsy Princess / The Ideal
  • Denis Murphy's / The Saxophone Slide [slides]
  • Jimmy Doyle's / Marie's Favourite / Cascade [polkas]
  • Daly's Mill / Moutvarra Bridge [polkas] Adults only?
  • Mairin Geal Dubh [finale] Kids only?